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A return to the Classics!

The Black and White theme is a classic that dates back to the 1940's, however it is now making a new comeback, with a twist to reflect today's sophistication by combining shades, textures and prints. A black and white theme is a ''cleaner'' way to go about your celebration however some rules have to be followed in order to avoid looking cold and stark. Colours should be avoided if you want to stick to the pure black and white theme, however metallics make a good accent to it, or else red roses add that very classic touch to your occasion.

As far as invitations go you can never go wrong, from the ever popular Victorian Damask, to one of its modern variations, there is a vast range of choices you can come up with. For the more adventurous comical invitations, featuring a bride and groom or lovebirds among others, are a fun way to invite your guests to join you. However if you want to stick to the 'classic clean' invite, nothing says it better than a plain white invite; add a black satin ribbon to it for a richer look. As always invitations can be custom made, all you have to do is let us know your idea and we can make it a reality.

When it comes to weddings, how to dress the wedding party is a key element, however with this theme it couldn't get any easier, for the bride's dress the classic white as always applies, however adding a touch of black, either with a sash or else some patterned embroidery in black you can get that more contemporary look; for the bridesmaid dress, a classic black cocktail dress would do. As far as the groom and groom's men go there are two options, either a white dinner jacket and classic black bow tie for that 'Casablanca' look, or if that is not your style, pinstripes should do the trick. For the bridal bouquet a combination of black 'Queen of Night' and white tulips or white roses or orchids are sure to impress however other white flowers such as calla lily, carnations, gardenias or gladiolus are all great options that can be applied to the black and white theme.

Choosing your souvenirs could not get any better, especially with today's wide range of practical souvenirs and the more classic decorative items. Fortunately the number of these souvenirs in black and white is quite large giving you plenty of choice. From candles to candle holders, with matching patterns, to kitchen items such as coasters and salt and pepper shakers to frames or the more girly compact mirrors; the choice is endless. Why not add a personalized ribbon to make the souvenirs your own.

For the decor use white tablecloths, black personalized napkins, printed either in the opposite colour or silver, black dishes; or vice versa. For center tables use white flower arrangements in black vases or else use clear vases and enhance them with black or white bows. If you want to avoid flowers altogether, use black or white floating candles in a black or white bowl, best would be to use different colours for the bowl and candles to create a contrast.

Finish the celebration off by handing your guests something to nibble on, on their way out and they are sure to talk about your occasion for quite a while. You could use bride boxes for the females and groom boxes for the males, or there are various other packaging items in black and white, fill them with white mints or white sugared almonds, or if you are after that extra glamorous touch go for silver sugared almonds for a treat with a bling.

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