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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

This popular saying suggests that a bride has to wear these four tokens on her wedding to bring good luck and lead to a happy marriage. But where did it originate from and what does it mean?

This saying originated in Britain in the Victorian Era, 'something old' symbolizes the bride's family and her past and stability throughout all of her life, while 'something new' is meant to represent her future married life with her husband. 'Something borrowed' is often an item lent from a happily married friend, whose good fortune is said to carry on to the bride.

'Something Blue' is a color that has been associated with wedding for ages; in Ancient Rome brides wore blue to symbolize love, Christianity portrays blue as a symbol of purity, in fact the Virgin Mary is often depicted wearing the color, this led to blue being very popular for weddings in the 19th century. So what happened to the color blue in weddings? Why not be true to this saying - what better way to bring luck to your wedding celebration?

Blue is a classical colour that is beautiful in its simplicity, if you're after a fairytale wedding than it's your ideal color, pair it up with white or platinum to give it that elegant touch, or make it even more regal by adding silver, crystals or pearls to the theme. Other colors can be added to blue, currently the most popular are black or browns; especially chocolate brown, to give your theme a more modern edge. The darker shades of blue are suitable for any time of year, while the lighter shades are better suited for the spring and summer months.

Add a touch of blue to your wedding dress, and enhance it with a bouquet  of Hydrangeas, Hyacinths or the classical White Roses, delphiniums also match the blue wedding theme however due to their height they are better suited as tall centre pieces. Bridesmaid dresses can also come in the same shade as your sash and why not have them matching the groom and groomsmen by adding a tie of the same color to the classical black tux.  

Stick to your theme when choosing Invitations and Souvenirs, most invitations today are fully customizable and it is quite easy to set a color to match the theme of your choice, same goes for souvenirs that come in an assortment of colors you can choose from. Another option would be to go for something simple and accentuate it with Packaging and D├ęcor, adding a blue ribbon to a simple invitation would do the trick, while for souvenirs a variety of packaging options are available to stay on theme.

Whether it is a beach theme, a nautical theme or blue is simply your favorite color, a blue wedding theme is sure to be a feast for the eyes.

Should you need any further ideas and inspirations do not hesitate to contact us.

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