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Announcing the 897 Bay / Bow and Ribbon Competition Winners

Hi Everyone,

Most of you must have been following the 897 Bay / Bow and Ribbon competition; which has come to its conclusion last Saturday.

All the couples turned up early and were eager to get started; we thank Lonneke and Clint, Oriella and Etienne, Luella and Robert, Laura and Daniel, Jenny and Stephen and Lara and Clifton.

Event was a lot of fun, and the grooms to be had to go through a very trying race and I can assure you they put their all into it. The contestants were split in groups of three and they took part in two semi finals, where they had to run along the St. George's beach in bridal attire and accessories, Bow and Ribbon balloons and of course, to make their job a little bit more difficult, flippers. The winner from each group had to go through all that a second time, but with a slight surprise at the end; they had to dive in the sea and wade to get to the famous Rubber Duck.

After all that hard work there could only be one winner, and we would like to congratulate Clint for the great race and Lonneke for all the support she gave him.

To view videos and photos of what happened on the day all you have to do is follow this Facebook link.

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