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Celebrate Love under a shower of Cherry Blossoms

Want to bring the Asian flair to your wedding? A Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme will definitely get the job done!
A beautiful cherry blossom symbolizes the female beauty for the Chinese, while the Japanese associate them with the transient nature of life. This exquisite blossom has been part of Asian traditions for centuries, but is now very popular with brides worldwide and is chosen as a central theme for their wedding.
Outside wedding reception would seem to be the most ideal for this wedding setting; however it is not necessarily the case, if your reception will be indoors, you can decorate with branches and silk cherry blossom flowers to set the mood, or else decorate the inside with parasols or paper lanterns with a cherry blossom design on them. There is no need however to show cherry blossoms everywhere, sticking to the most common hues in this wedding theme, browns and pinks, will give the cherry blossom feel without risking it being too much. If you are a little daring you can also add touches of blues here and there that will create a nice contrast.

A wide variety of cherry blossom favors exist nowadays, from coasters to candles and candle holders, or paper fans with cherry blossom print to stick to the Asian theme the choice is infinite. Invitations nowadays, are mostly custom made, so it's very easy to find an invitation to your liking with cherry blossom art. But it doesn't stop there; wedding accessories such as guest books, ring pillows or flower girl baskets are available in cherry blossom designs, or in pinks and browns to fit your theme.
Having your cake decorated in a cherry blossom theme is quite easy, caterers nowadays can set up your wedding cake however you want it, you can either go for the classic tiered cake and just added designs in pink and brown, or with a branch with cherry blossoms reaching all the way to the top, or else having a shower of blossoms here and there on the cake.

The cherry blossom wedding theme lets you go for a non-conventional color for your wedding gown if you would like to. Many wedding gowns come nowadays in pink. I am not talking about bright neon pink, but a pale pastel pink. The pink is so subtle, that with some shades it is hard to tell is pink at all. So if you are daring, wear a pink wedding dress. This is a great idea that will have everyone talking. If you don't want to go pretty in pink but want some detail, wear a white dress with some pink detail, maybe some embroidery, or a ribbon detail or a white dress with a pink lower detail.

Souvenirs, Invitations, Accessories and Decorations are all available at Bow and Ribbon. Inspirational images are taken from Cori Cook's website.

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