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A Christmas Wedding

As the popular Christmas song by Andy Williams goes 'It's the most wonderful time of the year', your family is all gathered up and the church is already decorated, so why not have yourself a magical Christmas Wedding.

Some may think that it being a Christmas Theme you are tied down to only traditional colours; red, gold and green. However there are other possibilities; silver and white or silver and light blue for that frosty Christmas look; burgundy, dark green and gold to go on a darker shade of tradition or else the simplicity of cream and gold always works like a charm.

When choosing your invitation you would want to stick to your theme, however be careful, as you don't want your invite to look like a Christmas card. Use subtle hints, such as snowflakes on the side, or a border with a delicate outline of hollies or poinsettias. Same thing goes with souvenirs, either keep it simple and stick to souvenirs that are on your same color scale, or give your guests something to remember your Christmas Wedding by and give them a winter themed souvenir. Since during the holidays people have a lot of events, you send out the invitations out early at least 5 weeks before, so they are sure to keep your date free.

There's no wedding without floral decor however a Christmas Wedding might just be the exception, a cheaper way to decorate tables would be Christmas ornaments such pillared candles with sprigs of holly, however if flowers are a must, poinsettias are ideal and go with your wedding theme like bees to honey. For the bride's bouquet any red or white flowers, however favourites are the classic white and red rose bouquet considered as a symbol of unity, orchids or the white gardenias.

For the bridal attire, you can wear any dress and style that flatters you most, white or ivory will go with the theme, you can also add an extra touch of red in a sash or shawl. You can also match the Groom to the theme, a normal dinner jacket may apply but adding accessories to match the color scheme, such as a red cravat with a gold vest. The Groom's men can also be dressed in alternate colors, gold cravat and red vest, so the Groom stands out. For bridesmaids a simple floor length red dress would do, maybe enhanced with a light gold sash to give it that extra touch.

A Christmas Wedding, is one of the most enchanting weddings you could ever have, what better way to meet all your family and friends in this season and celebrate love!

Visit our facebook page to view photos of The Christmas Wedding Setup we made in front of our shop in December 2010

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