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Disc Choice Crystal Collection Owls

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You’d be one smart cookie to choose these Choice Crystal Collection owls as your favors 
When you’re an owl, you’re known for wisdom, knowledge, strength and the list of great traits goes on and on. When you’re this adorable owl - you’re also known for charm, elegance, sparkling brilliance and favor magic! And whatever you’re celebrating, once your guests see these little charmers, you’ll be known for your favor wisdom too! 

Description and details:

  • Each measures 1.75” tall x 1.25” wide
  • Brilliant, multifaceted crystal glass figurine in the shape of a wise and wonderful owl
  • Owl is finished with intricate details including black rhinestone eyes, a silver teardrop rhinestone nose and feather-like wings and facial pattern
  • Perfect as a desk accessory, a standout in a curio cabinet or simply perched on a table near a window to catch the light
  • A hoot as graduation favors and a smart favor choice for all occasions
  • Packaged for elegant presentation nestled in white satin inside a two piece silver Choice Crystal signature box with a white heart design on the top
  • Box is wrapped and tied with a white satin and organza ribbon with a rhinestone heart accent and a matching design heart shaped “For You” tag attached by a silver cord