Pack of 10 Heart Paper - Lanterns


Pack of 10 Heart Paper Lanterns

The perfect lighting for summer parties & weddings: a pack of 10 fire retardant paper candle lanterns with heart design. How to use:

  • Place the lantern on flat, solid ground. 
  • Add sand to the bottom of the lantern to prevent it from blowing over.
  • Place a hard wax candle in the middle of the sand and light. Or alternatively use LED T-lights.

CAUTION! For outdoor use only! Do not place flammable materials in the bottom of bag.  Do not place lantern on top of any flammable material or near any flammable material.  Use only on flat solid ground.  Do not use indoors.  Do not move the candle or the lantern while the candle is burning or while the wax is in a liquid state. 


  • Material: Paper
  • Dimensions: Length: 15 cm Height: 26 cm Width: 9 cm