Gifts for Office

Ashtray - Geometry
Notebook and Pen Set in Box
Cookie the Cat Bamboo Travel Mug
Desert In Bloom Cactus Pen
Lean Tidy - Black
Casa Organiser Black
Desert In Bloom - Large Bento Box
Bookends - So Many!
Bookend - Superhero
Ashtray - Match Box
Magazine Rack - Van Sale

Magazine Rack - Van

Pin Board - Pin it
Multiple Photo Frame - Office
USB Fan - White
Pull Lamp - Blue
6 Port USB Charger - Lime Green
Folk Doves Bamboo Travel Mug
Miko the Panda Bamboo Travel Mug
Tropical Palm Bamboo Travel Mug
Periodic Table Bamboo Travel Mug
World Map Bamboo Travel Mug
Flamingo Bay Bamboo Travel Mug
Rusty The Fox Bamboo Travel Mug
Banana Milk Carton - Memo Pads
World Map - LargeBento Box
Le Bicycle - Large Bento Box
Pink Owl - Eraser & Pencil Sharpener
Milk Carton - Memo Pads - Blue
French Table - Water Bottle
White Metal Perpetual - Calendar
Cable Factory - Yellow
Container - Box - Red
Hip Coffee - Stencils